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What is it all about?

At My Bump Pay, we’re here to provide you with all the information you could possibly need. With everything available at your fingertips, you’ll feel empowered, in control and have the confidence to make important career decisions with ease when thinking about starting a family and beyond.

Look out for our  Live Masterclasses – both of which include access to our exclusive My Bump Pay Online Community – a supportive network of ambitious women. 

You’ll also see we have an amazing range of useful articles containing helpful tips and advice – some great resources to support you through the journey of parenthood and work.

This year the debut book from My Bump Pay Founder Tobi Asare, The Blend: How to Suscesfully manage a career and a Family will be released. 

Whether you are a new mother, just thinking about it, or already trying to combine a career and children, working motherhood can sometimes seem like an impossible balancing act. That’s why Tobi Asare, founder of My Bump Pay, doesn’t doesn’t talk about ‘the juggle’ or finding ‘balance’, but instead about The Blend.

In this book, Tobi shares her hard-won wisdom and advice on how to make working work for you, covering everything from the financial to the emotional aspects of working motherhood, and from preparing for maternity leave to returning with confidence. This is not just about surviving or staying sane, this is about how to thrive while successfully blending work and family life. The Blend will help you set yourself up for success before the baby comes along, during the pregnancy and beyond.



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Can I be made redundant on maternity leave ?

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