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About My Bump Pay

My Bump Pay is run by Tobi – author, idea generator, a wife and most importantly a mum.

After studying Law at the University of Manchester and the BPP Law School in London, Tobi spent over 10 years working with talented entrepreneurs who’ve built seriously impressive businesses. She was at the heart of developing and leading client service teams, whilst managing commercial relationships within large investment and corporate companies. Tobi is now a Director on board of one the UK’s largest media companies running the business development, Marketing and PR division.

Having been the first in her office location to go through the maternity process, Tobi went on a steep learning curve and became fascinated by how mums to be and mums go on to build successful careers amidst the barriers that surround working mothers.

This soon became Tobi’s passion as she was navigating this journey to help other mums and soon to be mums create an lasting and positive impact in the workplace. Giving them the tools to smash the glass ceiling with a baby on the way and beyond.

Tobi was inspired to create a platform to help give women the confidence to achieve their career goals and take them through their career journey overcoming the motherhood penalty – My Bump Pay was launched!

Since then, Tobi has been running this successful platform whilst getting to grips with motherhood, so juggling work with being a parent is something that she knows all about.

Her debut book The Blend, is a honest, warm but no nonesnse guide to sucessfully nagivating career and family and is a highly antipiated read of 2023. 

Do you want to be sure that you’ll still have a successful career whilst pregnant? Would you like to be able to confidently achieve your goals as a working parent? Or, perhaps you’d like to compare different maternity packages available…

My Bump Pay can support you with all this and so much more – you’ll find everything from maternity fashion to parenting tips.

You’ll feel empowered, in control and able to confidently make important career decisions.

Or, are you a brand or organisation that is interested in working with My Bump Pay, we’d love to chat with you – please email us at info@mybumppay.com

Tobi has worked with the Financial Times, Sheerluxe, DCMS, Meta and The Baby Show to name a few and is availale for: 

Social Media campaigns

Podcast engagments 

Speaking engagements

Corporate workshops

Tobi sitting headshot
Tobi sitting headshot

Meet the Founder

Hi I’m Tobi, I am a founder, idea generator, a wife and most importantly a mum.

I studied Law at the University of Manchester and then stumbled into Law School at BPP in London. As life would have it, I’ve been fortunate to be at the heart of building and leading client service teams and running commercial relationships developing new business.

My friends inspired me to start My Bump Pay. For some strange reason loads of us and I mean 21 of us all decided to have babies in the same year. They are all women smashing it in their careers with equally ambitious husbands. Maternity and Paternity pay was a constant point of conversation and confusion, so I thought there had to be a better way to help potential and existing parents out. My friends empowering and diverse experiences inspired me to create a platform to help parents and parents to be, make the best decisions for their family and careers.

My passion is to help as many women as possible thrive through helping them to acheive their career and life ambitions, irrespective of having a family.

If you are a brand or a corporate, we’d love to have a chat about working together email us at Info@mybumppay.com

Some fun facts about me

  • My Great Grandfather had 26 children, my Grandfather was the first, then my Father was the Grandchild in the lineage, then there was me the first Great Grandchild.
  • I am obsessed with the real housewives franchise, like seriously obsessed!
  • I used to have a fashion blog, that was many years ago now. I miss it loads, so don’t be surprised if you see fashion bits popping up here and there.

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