Top Tips To Boost Your Income During Maternity Leave

Maternity leave. Exciting and nerve wracking, it’s a magical time but sadly one which doesn’t come cheap. With a reduced income especially on statutory maternity pay and plenty of things to buy for your new arrival, it’s natural to worry about finances and you’re certainly not alone.

The good news is there are plenty of ways you can make some extra cash during your maternity leave, with fairly little effort. So why not look through our top tips for a bit of inspiration? 


Think about what you’re already good at

Consider the skills you gleaned when you worked your 9 to 5 and think if any of them could be done from home. When you think about it, you’ll be amazed at how much experience you actually have. Perhaps you were a PA, a copywriter, a telesales person? Many companies need casual home workers with these sets of skills, so why not do a quick Google search or pick up a local paper and see what’s about.

Put your hobbies to work

Whether you’re a star baker, a canny card designer or a natural knitter, homemade items tend to go down a treat at car boot sales or when sold through Facebook Etsy and eBay. Baby blankets and clothes are especially popular, as are novelty items like nappy cakes and mementos. Get creative while on maternity leave!

Apply for childcare credits and vouchers

Over the years the government has offered extra financial help for UK families in the form of top up benefits and childcare vouchers, for parents both in and out of work. To find out what’s available and how to apply, have a look at the ‘Financial help if you have children’ page on the Gov.uk website.

Get selling in your community

With new babies often come new friends on maternity leave with small children at home too. So consider the kinds of things your friends would like to buy. Children’s books, toys, kitchenware, toiletries are all good examples. Then see about signing up with one of the well-known home working companies such as Usborne books, Avon and Tropic You could even become a baby brand ambassador –Burblebaby.co.uk and Baby Tula are good ones to try first.


Sign up for market research

Easy and quick to do online, there are loads of companies out there that are willing to pay cash for your opinions. Simply sign up for free and you could find yourself answering questions about anything from the washing powder you use to what brand of nappies you buy. Fun and simple, most companies pay a set amount per survey completed. Check out a few of the big ones, like Toluna, Swagbucks and Talk Club. 

Do evening work

When your day is spent constantly feeding and changing a newborn or running around after a toddler, the thought of trying to get any work done in the day seems impossible. But there are actually quite a few jobs you can do once your baby’s in bed, such as freelance work (People Per Hour and Upwork  are good ones) or even consider starting a babysitting service. Having a good clear out of baby clothes, toys, and other things you no longer need make great items to sell on eBay, Facebook or Gumtree too. In fact, the money can really add up.

Offer Domestic services

Another great way to earn a few extra pounds (and make some new friends at the same time!) is to offer some help to people in the local community, such as pet sitting, dog walking or taking in ironing. Many local shops have job boards, or take a look at Gumtree or Facebook and see if anyone is looking for an extra hand, even if just for a few hours a week.

Use your home to make money

Believe it or not, your own home can earn you some extra income if you’re willing to keep an open mind! If you have space, why not temporarily rent out your spare room on something like Air BnB or you could even rent out your entire home to a film, TV or advertising company. Register free at locationworks.com to find out more.

Don’t forget though…

You’ll need to tell HMRC about any extra income you’re earning and you may need to pay tax. Get in touch with them so you can discuss your circumstances or find out more on the HMRC website.