The Blend

The Blend is the ultimate guide on on how to make working work for you, covering everything from the financial to the emotional aspects of working motherhood, and from preparing for maternity leave to returning with confidence. This is not just about surviving or staying sane, this is about how to thrive while successfully blending work and family life. The Blend will help you set yourself up for success before the baby comes along, during the pregnancy and beyond. 

 ‘Smart and tactical book. It gives you hope. ― Stylist Magazine

‘This book is essential for anyone trying to blend a career and family, and navigating the challenges that come with it’ Alex Stedman, The Frugality

‘Tobi’s words warmly and confidently guide you through the journey of blending your career with your family, from the early discussions about embarking on parenthood, to progressing in your job. Woven through the experiences of others, along with her own, you’ll find clear and practical expert advice to help you navigate the different challenges that arise. Tobi is clearly passionate about helping mothers aim for far more than surviving – she is on a mission to help us thrive’
 Anna Mathur


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