How Much Does It Cost To Have A Baby ?

One of the biggest questions I get asked is, how much does it cost to have a baby?

The cost of a baby can be hard to quantify when thinking about starting a family. For many, having a baby means a significant drop in income and an increase in outgoings, which can put an incredible financial strain on just about any new family. Many choose to start a family when they feel financially able to do so, but the reality is that a new baby is far from an exact science.


So How Much Does It Cost ?

If you were to go all out, it could cost thousands of pounds to have everything you need for the first couple of months. Everything we do is designed to demystify the factors in the journey to parenthood, particularly around finances, so we have put together an extensive guide giving you average costings, advice and hacks around the cost of a baby.

The key is to plan in advance as much as you possibly can. Once you know roughly how much things will cost, you can set up a savings plan to help you reach your goal. If you are lucky enough to have family and friends who would like to buy something for your little one, you can, perhaps, set up a gift registry or ask them to contribute vouchers from your favourite baby store.

Remember you don’t have to buy everything brand new or by all the baby items in the world for your little one!

The My Bump Pay Guide – How Much Does It Cost To Have A Baby? Including what you need and when.

We have crafted a detailed guide, identifying all the priorities, nice-to-haves and total luxuries to buy when preparing for a new baby. You can filter through to adjust your level of spending based on priorities.

We’ve also identified the stages at which you need to buy certain items, so you can spread the cost across the first year. For some items like nappies and formula which are ongoing throughout the year, we’ve given an indicative cost for one month’s supply, as every family is different, so feel free to adjust as necessary. We’ve even included things like the deposit for childcare, which can easily be forgotten. As a way of supporting mum-owned businesses, we have included a couple of links from products or services that we love in order to get you started.



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Hacks To Help You Afford It All
The Big Essentials
These are often the biggest expenditure, but there are deals to be had. If you don’t need to have the latest version then you can often find slightly older models at a discount.
Don’t be afraid to ask if you can buy the display item. Retailers aren’t always in a position to sell you the model on display, but if they are then you can certainly negotiate a discount.
Retail Event Days

Stores like Mamas and Papas hold Parents To Be event days, where if you buy on the day you can score an extra discount. Do your research ahead of time to see if they stock the model that you would like, and make your purchase on that day. Sometimes additional offers are thrown in too, so it’s definitely worth it.


There are so many items which babies only use for a few months e.g. a snowsuit. Good quality items can be washed, re-used and secured in good condition at a very reasonable price. EBay and facebook marketplace are firm favourite for pre-loved baby items.

Ask A Friend
This is a personal favourite. My friends and I lent various items to each other including the newborn crib, baby bouncer and bottle warmer.
Cashback Websites – Top Cashback
Another great hack is buying items online via Top Cashback, which is the UK’s most generous cashback website. Buying items on here will deliver you a decent saving with money back in your account after purchase.
Sure Start

You could be eligible for a one-off payment from the government of £500. If you’re expecting your first child—or you’re expecting multiples and have children already—and you or your partner already receive benefits.

NCT Nearly New Sale 

The charity NCT lists by area nearly new sales of pre-loved items from trusted parents where you can find items for mother and baby at very decent prices.



Don’t Forget The Hidden Costs…
Life Insurance
If you already have a life insurance policy, that’s great. However, this will need adjusting to include anything you would like to leave for your new addition.
More Room = New House
With a new addition often comes the need for more space. This may be the time that you are thinking about an extra room or a garden, by buying or relocating. All of this can be pretty costly, so don’t forget to factor it in if this applies to you.
Activities and Socialising
Maternity leave can be lonely, so you’re often trying to find ways to get out of the house and meet new people at a similar stage of life who totally get the highs and lows of new parenthood. These activities and coffees do add up, so think about keeping back a small stash for social activities.
Planning Ahead
Once you have an idea of how much maternity or paternity pay you will receive then it’s time to make a maternity budget. Download our free budget sheet to help you plan your expenditure.