Smash The Glass Ceiling With A Baby On The Way

Career Success During Pregnancy

The Antenatal Career Class 

When you begin to think about starting a family, you’ll probably wonder how your career and finances might be affected. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed and you’re not sure where to find the right information.

Yes, your HR department might have provided you with some information, but our resources goes so much further than that, sharing lots of practical tips and tools with you, plus you’ll get access to a supportive online community.

I’ve been so privileged to help so many women successfully navigate this journey, from negotiating; maternity pay, career advancement, flexible working, identifying new roles and planning ahead financially. A number of real life success stories have gone into building these resources and they have been shaped by the several conversations I’ve had with incredibly successful women who have achieved great success on their journey to motherhood. 


Nailing Your Career With A Baby On The Way

Online Masterclass

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but can also make you feel unsure and worried about how you are going to make your career and finances work.

I’ve had the pleasure of helping a number of women navigate their careers successfully during their pregnancy and prepare their finances. So I cannot wait to share with you exactly how I’ve done this. 

This masterclass will:

  • Show you how to achieve career success during your pregnancy
  • Help you feel in control as you prepare for working life during your pregnancy
  • Lay the foundations for a successful return to work.
  • Get your finances in place before your maternity leave, including maternity pay and childcare costs.
  • Give you the confidence to smash your career goals with a baby on the way.
  • This is perfect for any ambitious woman looking to secure a promotion, advancement or demonstrate performance before going on maternity leave.
  • Or for those thinking about a family in the future and want all the facts and tips ahead of time.

I love a good chat and there are limited slots so don’t miss out 


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