Smash The Glass Ceiling – Your Return To Work

Nail Your Career With A Baby

Returning to work with confidence to help you achive your goals – The postnatal career class & guide

Are you about to return to work, but starting to feel a bit anxious about it? Perhaps you’re wondering if you can still have a strong and successful career with children…. Don’t worry, all these thoughts are absolutely normal. And this is exactly why we created our resources that will help you to smash the glass ceiling when returning from maternity leave.

Think of it like a postnatal class for your career! You’ll get everything you need to ensure you have a smooth and happy return to work.

People will be impressed by your confident return to the workplace, whilst also balancing your important family commitments.

Nail Your Return To Work

Online Workshop

Returning to work can be a time filled with mixed emtions. You are excited to be earning again and on track to continue with your goals, but there is also a big confidence battle as well as plenty of mumguilt to deal with.

I’ve had the pleasure of helping a number of women navigate their return successfully giving them the confidence to go communicate and acheive their goals. So I cannot wait to share with you exactly how I’ve done this.

This masterclass will:

  • Provide you with tools to boost your confidence levels for your return and help you to manage the mum guilt.
  • Teach you how to negotiate effectively with your employer, so support boundaries can be put in place that works for both the company that you work for and your family.
  • Give you lots of useful tips and tricks to help you to keep focused, now that you have competing demands and responsibilities.
  • Show you how to get ahead and achieve your goals when you return to work
  • Help you to start planning childcare and some of the financial help available.

I love a good chat and there are limited slots so don’t miss out 


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