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What are my maternity and paternity rights ?

What Are My Maternity / Paternity Rights ? Your rights as an expectant mum (or dad!) can be more than a little confusing. We’ve aimed to simplify it for you by breaking it down into the key things you need to know.  What is maternity leave? Your rights on leaveYou’re...

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Can You Negotiate Maternity Pay ?

Can You Negotiate Maternity Pay ?Having a baby is a wonderful but stressful time too, especially when it comes to family finances. Maternity pay often represents a large drop in income, right at the time when every penny is needed for the new arrival, so its worth...

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Honest: How to manage IVF and work – Jaz Rabadia

Honest: How to manage IVF and work - Jaz Rabadia We were so fortunate to be able to talk to Jaz about managing IVF and Work. She talked so openly and honestly about her journey through IVF, how she managed a demanding and senior career throughout the process. Jaz...

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